Due to the quarantine restrictions this summer, almost no exhibitions, seminars or other outdoor events for farmers were held, with the exception of the regional Field day in Lipetsk oblast, which took place in Khlevnoye district on 4 September. Cutting-edge machinery, high-tech solutions and the long-awaited communication with the partners to the exhilarating sound of roaring engines served as a source of inspiration for the participants.

Lipetsk branch of AgroCentreLiski has held a demonstration of the Kverneland 6250 fixed chamber baler and the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor, which operate perfectly well in tandem.

Effective crop spraying and plant protection! AgroCentre has held a demo show of the new Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer in the fields of TradeAgroService company, Kursk oblast, Zolotukhino district. The weather was glorious – the sun was shining bright in the sky – just the right moment for spraying the plants, and thus the Massey Ferguson 9335 spread its wings in a rape field.

AGCO-RM has reported on successfully closing the sale of three Massey Ferguson 7726 tractors to Russkoye Pole farming enterprise located in Novosibirsk oblast. The machinery was supplied by AgroCentreZakharovo, an official dealer of AGCO-RM.

Azot-Agro farming enterprise located in Kemerovo oblast utilises advanced tillage, sowing and harvesting implements, which need powerful traction machinery. AgroCentreZakharovo has supplied six Massey Ferguson 7724S and 8737S tractors to the enterprise.

Novosibirsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has supplied the first Horsch Leeb PT 330 self-propelled sprayer in Russia. Krutishinskoye farming enterprise located in Cherepanovo district, Novosibirsk oblast, became the lucky owner of the novelty.

All of this is about Pronto seed drills manufactured by Horsch. Even emergence without skips and doubles is a hallmark of the series. No wonder the machines have become true favourites among Russian farmers.

AgroCentre keeps on working under the special regime. The seeding campaign is in full swing. Every hour counts. Machinery must operate seamlessly. Hence Massey Ferguson tractors confidently get down to business.

On the first April days, while most Russians had to stay at home in self-isolation, field works were in full swing all over the regions. Taking every precaution necessary in this hard time, both large and small companies started their seeding campaigns. The country obviously needs grain, meat and milk. So today, on numerous farms, motors of the powerful machines are roaring their tune and fleets are being enlarged with new models — AgroCentre is a great help here.

The sales representatives of AgroCentre and its clients have visited Deula-Nienburg agricultural educational centre in Germany to gain some useful knowledge. The facility was chosen as the venue for CULTAN fertilisation training organised by Güstrower. Doctor Martin Kücke (PhD in Agronomy) made a presentation to the Russian guests. Our team turned back home with a broadened experience of the topic and was ready to share it.

The JCB 434S is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, and Tyumen oblast is no exception here. Five JCB 434 loaders are already operating in the region, and a few farms are planning to purchase this particular model.

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