The annual celebration called Field Day has taken place In Timiryazevo village (Bashmakovo district, Penza oblast). Over 20 enterprises participated in the exposition of cutting-edge agricultural machinery, discussed the most essential production issues and solutions to them with the partners and guests.

Ostrogozhsksadpitomnik enterprise has hosted the largest agricultural machinery trade show in the Black Soil Region. Dealers and manufacturers demonstrated more than 2,000 units of state-of-the-art machinery which fascinated local farmers.

Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has scooped an award from AGCO-RM for The Best Market Share for Massey Ferguson tractors. In 2018, the experts of Yaroslavl branch sold over 30 reliable Massey Ferguson tractors. The team could achieve such outstanding results through its competency and consistent work with the clients.

Shatilovo Agricultural Research Station has hosted Oryol Field Day, bringing together the leading agricultural producers of the region, representatives of public authorities, plant breeders, scientists and large suppliers of farm machinery.

Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has successfully presented its machinery at the Interregional agricultural forum Yaroslavl Field Day. Over a dozen of powerful and reliable machines, both self-propelled units and implements were showcased there.

Siberian Field Day gathered over 29 thousand visitors. It was held at the Siberian Agropark located beside Prutskoy village, Pavlovsk district.

Lipetsk state variety-testing station has hosted Field Day, a regional agricultural trade show. Over fifty companies took part in the event, with AgroCentre standing out from all the rest.

Agriculture, like any other industry, has its own trendsetters. Some brands were on trend in the past, others are in demand in the present, but only a few manage to stay on top forever. Within its 73-year history, the machinery producer JCB has proven to be a top-dog in the farm equipment market.

Kverneland, one of the world’s oldest producers of agricultural machinery, is celebrating 140th anniversary this year. The company has planned a lot of big events to mark its jubilee. One of them — Kverneland Field Day — has become known all over the Black Soil Region.

Zolotaya Niva

Zolotaya Niva, the 19th Agricultural Trade Fair, has been held in Ust-Labinsk, Krasnodar area. The event traditionally brings together manufacturers and dealers of agricultural machinery, allowing them to showcase state-of-the-art technologies and ground-breaking engineering solutions for secondary tillage and seeding, crop irrigation, mineral fertilisation and precision farming. More than 250 companies presented their latest achievements there. AgroСentre participated in the trade fair in Krasnodar for the first time.

What drives success of the leading farms? Who are the top performers in the contemporary Russian countryside? We found out the answers to these questions when we talked to the head of the agricultural enterprise Vektor (Penza oblast, Bashmakovo district). Farming for him is a lifestyle and his lifelong passion.

How to prepare for the sowing campaign properly and be able to work even in extreme conditions? Year by year, technical innovations show even more brilliance and make for a breakthrough in agriculture.

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