Massey Ferguson takes Kuban by storm

Krasnodar has hosted YUGAGRO, the 26th international trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, which offered local farmers a wide choice of the latest novelties in farming.

It was the first time AgroCentreLiski took part in the trade show presenting its bestsellers and unique cutting- edge machines manufactured by Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation.

‘In Krasnodar area, AgroCentreLiski has been running the business since May 2019’, said Sergey Lushnikov, Head of Krasnodar branch. ‘AgroCentreLiski is the only company in our region and the Adygeya Republic that sells a virtually full range of Massey Ferguson machinery — we have a lot to offer the Kuban farmer.’

The Massey Ferguson 9330 — a bang up-to-date sprayer — was introduced to the domestic market by AgroCentreLiski in association with AGCO. The machine combines unique components and innovative solutions. In the course of various field trials lasting for more than 10,000 hours, the novelty proved itself an efficient and reliable helper.

The Massey Ferguson 9330 sprayer is powered by the distinguished AGCO Power 66CW3 6.6 litre 200 hp engine, which is designed especially for heavy-duty operations. Due to its high torque at low revs, the machine reaches the optimum speed at 2,000 rpm. The sprayer has a 1.65 m clearance and is suitable for carrying out various farming tasks without the risk of tipping over. The track width is hydraulically adjustable from 2.8 to 3.4 metres.

AgroCentre’s display would not have been complete without the flagship machinery of the brand. In Krasnodar, the dealer showcased three gems — the Massey Ferguson 6713, 7715 and 8737 Series tractors. These all-rounders are very popular with Russian agricultural producers since such machines are a unique solution for both small farmers and large-scale holdings setting ambitious goals.

‘We started collaborating with AgroCentreLiski not so long ago’, said Igor Tsaranov, Head of AgroFresh farming enterprise. ‘The dealer maintains our Massey Ferguson tractors. Technicians quickly remedy machinery failures and the required spare parts are always available at the warehouse so an issue is never a cause for concern. We appreciate the company’s professional approach to their work, that’s why today we are negotiating the purchase of two Massey Ferguson tractors — the 6713 and the 7715. Of course, we considered alternative options, but AgroCentreLiski and Massey Ferguson are one step ahead of their competitors.’

‘We see great potential for Massey Ferguson in Kuban’, continued Sergey Lushnikov. ‘This year, we have sold 10 units within a few months, which speaks of a high demand for Massey Ferguson machinery in the market. Besides, there is a prospect of increasing the scope of the service we do in this region through Massey Ferguson’s predecessor — Challenger. Many local farms still use Challenger machines and we would only be happy to do the maintenance.’

YUGAGRO trade fair was a success for AgroCentreLiski. Thousands of guests flocked to the company’s booth where they got acquainted with the latest Massey Ferguson machinery. According to the specialists of Krasnodar branch, at least four machines are going to be acquired by Kuban farming enterprises in no time.