JCB inspires farmers to great achievements

In spring 2020, AgroCentreZakharovo became an official JCB dealer in Omsk oblast. Many farmers have already opted for the unique telescopic handlers of the sunny brand.

JCB telehandlers are firm favourites among agricultural producers all over the world. The machines have come to epitomise an impressive power-to-weight ratio, superlative performance and excellent controllability.

‘JCB models are distinguished by a best-in-class engine and an efficient hydraulic system’, says Aleksandr Kalachyov, Sales Representative of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The telehandlers stay ahead of the competition in terms of running costs, build quality, durability and residual value.’

These machines are versatile — suitable for large holdings and small farming enterprises alike. One of the major advantages of the JCB telescopic handler lineup is that the company manufactures internal parts in-house — engines, axles, hydraulic cylinders, assemblies and other components. A wide range of models in different versions is on offer.

‘The clients can choose an optimum package without overpaying for the options they do not need’, continues Aleksandr Kalachyov. ‘This season, we’ve already supplied the JCB 536-60 Econ, the JCB 536-60 Standart, the JCB 541-70 Agri and the JCB 535-95 Agri Super to the farms of our region. Each agricultural producer has their own goals and needs. Together with the machinery manufacturer, we, as an official dealer, are able to cater for all needs.’

The JCB 536-60 telehandler is becoming increasingly popular due to its reliability. The load capacity of the model is 3.6 tonnes. The working length of the retractable boom is 3.3 m. The machine is equipped with the 100 hp DIESELMAX engine and the PowerShift gearbox ensuring ease of operation. The four-wheel and crab steering along with a tight turn radius guarantee unsurpassed manoeuvrability.

The JCB 535-95 Agri Super is a full-size telehandler featuring a maximum boom reach of 9.5 m, on which most farmers put a great value. The model boasts a spacious cab with excellent all-round visibility, a fully adjustable suspension seat and a steering column. Sitting on a lightweight, one-piece chassis with a bottom protective plate, the JCB 535-95 Agri Super is capable of operating at the speed of 40 km/h.

Vasilenko family farm has made a choice in favour of powerful performance. For many years, the father and son have successfully been running a family business on 11,000 hectares of land. They grow cereals and industrial crops, most of which are exported. For example, canola and flax are particularly popular with the Chinese. Work at the grain storage facility is in high gear all the time, so powerful machinery is essential. Since the lift capacity of the JCB 541-70 Agri is much higher than that of any other machine previously used on the farm (over 4 tonnes), the farmers wasted no time in buying the strong and reliable unit.

‘We needed a powerful telehandler. AgroCentreZakharovo offered a competitive deal with excellent terms and conditions’, says Dmitriy Vasilenko (the son). ‘The JCB 541-70 Agri is indispensable for heavy load applications, that’s what we understood right away. The huge grain bucket with the capacity of 2.88 m3 gives the machine an obvious advantage over other models. Having run on our farm for just one month, this all-rounder has already won our hearts. Its sunny look, outstanding power and superb manoeuvrability inspire us to great achievements.’

Now, the farm is repairing access roads to grain storages. Major construction works on slab placement are underway, so it’s high time for the JCB 541-70 Agri to join in. The machine is distinguished by the impressive discharge height and lift capacity (up to 4.1 tonnes). Like all other JCB machines, the JCB 541-70 Agri has the function preventing overheating, which allows operating it in challenging conditions. The telehandler itself weights 7.6 tonnes. The dumping height of a standard boom is 7 m.

Unlike competitors, all JCB vehicles come with premium MICHELIN tyres. Among other considerable benefits, there is a hydraulic quick hitch, an engine block heater and an online machine monitoring system.

‘We are testing the telehandler at its full lift capacity’, says Nikolay Vasilenko (the father), responsible for the operation of machinery and grain storage facilities. ‘Even though the slabs weigh over 4 tonnes, the JCB all-rounder copes with the job at the touch of a button. I am sure, with such tireless workers, we will soon build the new roads. We take our business seriously and work for the benefit of the Russian agriculture, so we do need robust and powerful machinery. JCB makes our work easy and enjoyable!’