Long time no see

Due to the quarantine restrictions this summer, almost no exhibitions, seminars or other outdoor events for farmers were held, with the exception of the regional Field day in Lipetsk oblast, which took place in Khlevnoye district on 4 September. Cutting-edge machinery, high-tech solutions and the long-awaited communication with the partners to the exhilarating sound of roaring engines served as a source of inspiration for the participants.

AgroCentreLiski brought a whole array of its agricultural machinery to the venue. The display of the dealer glowed with vibrant colours of the world-famous brands: JCB, Massey Ferguson, HORSCH, Kverneland, Gustrower, Zaffrani and Trimble.

‘Today, AgroCentre has presented its flagship models to the farmers’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, Executive Director of AgroCentre. ‘All units are unique, reliable, highly efficient and economical. They are designed for specific types of work and complement each other perfectly both in the fields and on a farm.’

This time, AGCO tractors predominated in AgroCentre’s booth - Massey Ferguson 6713, Massey Ferguson 7715 and Massey Ferguson 8737. The demand for the Massey Ferguson 6713 is exceptionally high among the local farmers. At the heart of the machine, there is an infallible, frugal 4-cylinder 4.4 litre AGCO Power engine which delivers 130 hp. Simple open-centre hydraulics with a tandem of gear pumps supply 34 litres/minute to the key internal parts of the tractor and 57 litres/minute to the electronically-controlled rear linkage enabling it to lift a mounted implement of up to 5,200 kilograms. Massey Ferguson 6713 is a good choice for both small dairies and large holdings, which need tough, reliable and easy-to-use farm machines.

HORSCH manufacturer has gained international recognition for its broad model range, top quality and affordable prices. HORSCH sets the highest standards in development, design and production of its machinery. At the exhibition, the company’s dealer showcased the HORSCH Pronto 12 NT PPF FLD seed drill, HORSCH Joker 8RT Classic disc cultivator and HORSCH Tiger 4MT stubble cultivator.

‘We have purchased agricultural machines from AgroCentre for four years’, shares Denis Starostin, Head of Starostin farming enterprise, Tambov oblast. ‘At one of similar gatherings, we saw the HORSCH Pronto 9 NT seed drill for the first time. AgroCentre’s specialists highlighted its numerous strengths to us, and we made a decision to buy it. Now, we know for sure that we were right because the unit performs really well and requires minimum repair. Every season, we sow winter crops on the area of about two thousand hectares. Not long ago, we realised that the farm also needed a high-quality trailed sprayer. AgroCentre recommended the Kverneland A28 to us. We followed the advice and purchased it. You can see with the naked eye how thoroughly the machine sprays the crops.’

AgroCentre offers its clients not only reputable machines, but also some smart solutions for more efficient farming. For over seven years, the dealership has cooperated with Trimble – one of the leading companies in the field of development of navigation systems for agricultural vehicles.

‘Our work with Trimble began with a simple step – fitting our machines with manoeuvering devices’, says Igor Bulgakov, Head of Precision Farming Department of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Today, we can install the Trimble system even on Russian-built tractors and programme them to go exactly along the chosen path. This innovative technology increases their efficiency during sowing and tillage by 15%, helps to eliminate overlaps, speeds the process up, reduces the use of replacement parts and the consumption of fertilisers and fuel. One farm out of three in Lipetsk oblast is already utilising the Trimble navigation.’

‘AgroCentre has supplied the Massey Ferguson 8730 to us and we fitted it with the Trimble system straight away’, shares Yevgeniy Rogozin, Head of Avangard farming enterprise, Voronezh oblast. ‘The navigation system makes the tractor operator’s job easier and controls work to achieve the best results. We haven’t used Trimble for very long, however, what we’ve seen so far is really impressive.’

In the area organised specially for spare parts, AgroCentre’s specialists consulted the visitors of their booth about how to maintain their agricultural machinery and find the right parts. A proper maintenance strategy is the key to seamless operation and excellent performance.

‘For the past few years, a lot of new analogue replacement parts have flooded the market’, states Vitaliy Salnikov, Head of Spare Parts Department of AgroCentreLiski. ‘They are false economy, in fact. That is why we encourage our clients to use genuine ones. Non-original parts have shorter service life. Often, they just don't fit and don't allow maximum functionality of the machine. You can find genuine spare parts for every brand at AgroCentre’s warehouses. Our partners respond to the requests within just 24 hours and send the necessary items. For this reason, when our customers opt for the original parts that we provide, they save money and time.’

The Field day in Lipetsk oblast became an important event for all people involved in farming in the region. After a long pause, manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, seeds, fertilisers and other commodities met with their clients to discuss crucial issues, possible solutions and sign new contracts.