Made to deliver superb performance

For over twenty years, Kverneland has been supplying RN Series semi-mounted reversible ploughs to the Russian market. Farmers know first-hand that Kverneland products tailored to the local needs deliver exceptional performance at low maintenance costs.

Kverneland RN is a robust semi-mounted reversible plough with a centre-mounted wheel and stepwise furrow width adjustment. In 2016, the manufacturer designed increased clearance and a wider depth wheel for the Russian market.

‘Kverneland RN ploughs are the lightest in their class’, says Nikolay Kunitsyn, Sales Director, AgroCentreLiski. ‘The plough requires less pulling force, which results in lower fuel consumption, minimal wear and reduced stress on the tractor, and helps farmers to save money.’

The plough is constructed around a heavy-duty frame with a square 200х200 mm cross-section. The furrow width can be adjusted from 35 to 45 cm in steps of 5 cm by repositioning only one bolt in each leg assembly. The centre-mounted wheel, which ensures high manoeuverability at turns and when ploughing along gutters and windbreaks, can be adjusted in accordance with the furrow width. The wheel assembly is linked to the turnover mechanism ensuring safe plough reversal. The high underbeam clearance of 70 or 80 cm makes it easier to cultivate the soil in weed-infested fields.

‘We bought a Kverneland RN 100-8 reversible semi-mounted plough last year’, recalls Leonid Kharchenko, Manager of Kozinskoye farming enterprise, Belgorod oblast. ‘AgroCentre held a field test of the attachment on our farm. We were impressed by its performance. Having compared the Kverneland RN 100 with similar implements of other brands, we came to the conclusion that it outshines the competitors in many aspects. Besides, the dealer offered very good purchasing conditions, so we were just bound to buy the plough. By now, it has done 1,000 ha and we are happy with the results.’

Kverneland RN can be equipped with five to eight bodies placed at one metre from each other. The basic structure weighs from 2,650 to 3,360 kg, while the recommended tractor power range is from 150 hp to 400 hp. Kverneland RN ploughs are available with a wide choice of bodies, skimmers, disc coulters. Upon the customer’s request, a hydraulic front furrow width adjustment system can be installed.

‘Our successful cooperation with AgroCentre and positive experience with Kverneland machines have encouraged us to purchase a RN 100-8 plough’, says Aleksandr Troshin, Manager of Zaulye farming enterprise, Bryansk oblast. ‘We have two Kverneland spreaders and one sprayer in our fleet. Now we’ve decided to buy tillage equipment of this brand, too. AgroCentre provides both high-quality machinery and professional service, which is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing a dealer.’

Kverneland uses a unique heat treatment technology in the manufacturing process. The 8-mm thick solid frame has no seams or bolted connections. This is the secret behind the robust and lightweight design of this series. Kverneland RN ploughs are suitable for any kind of field work and come with a number of moldboard and leg protection options. AgroCentre recommends these implements to all agricultural producers who value quality and superb performance!