Unique and indispensable

Stebnyuk farm (Voronezh oblast) has wrapped up this harvest season on a high note. Why should they not? They have gathered a good crop, and the fleet upgrade on the farm continues by schedule. In November, two new trailers were delivered to the farm by AgroCentre: an SPC 19 and an GPP 23 by the Lithuanian brand Umega.

Umega trailed machines manufactured in Lithuania for over 100 years have no equivalent in the world.

‘Since 1919, Umega has been making agricultural trailers and semi-trailers, grain transporters, manure spreaders, bale trailers and multifunctional push-off trailers’, says Grigoriy Dubrovskiy, Umega Representative for Central Russia. ‘Due to quality components from the top Italian and German manufacturers, our equipment can get to grips with the most challenging conditions.’

The Umega SPC 19 monocoque tipping trailer with a solid 40-cubic-metre shell type body is designed to handle various agricultural cargos. The payload of 24 tonnes and the function of side and rear unloading distinguish it from the competitors. Thanks to the tandem suspension with parabolic springs, the speed can reach maximum 50 km/h. The recommended tractor power is from 250 hp. The lower centre of gravity and wider track provide improved stability of the moving unit.

‘The trailer is perfect for any type of farm’, confirms Maksim Sidelnikov, AgroCentreLiski Voronezh Branch Manager. ‘It ensures quick transportation at minimum cost. The trailer can be optionally equipped with a grain auger, a roll-up cover, a tent and a platform for handling root vegetables, which makes the unit extremely versatile.’

The unique feature of the Umega GPP 23 grain transporter is the capability of increasing the body volume from 23 cubic metres to 32 cubic metres with flexible extension board system. Thus, a farmer pays for one unit, but gets two instead. Besides, it is the only model in the world with vertical auger for unloading that can be used on both left and right sides. It takes the transporter only 3 minutes to unload 32 cubic metres of farm commodities. Moreover, the Umega GPP 23 is capable of loading any sowing machine within just a few minutes on its own. No additional equipment is required - consequently, no additional cost. For any other model, a farmer would need to buy an additional implement first.

‘We have never had trailers of any other brand except Umega’, shares Aleksandr Stebnyuk, Farm Manager, ‘When we realised we needed this type of equipment on the farm, we purchased two Umega units at once as we were aware of all positive reviews on the brand and the products. In their first season next year, we expect them to deliver high performance.’

Umega has been available in the Russian market for over 5 years. Year by year, the company is gaining in popularity with our farmers due to the quality and functionality of its implements. The Lithuanian manufacturer offers a comprehensive lineup of reliable and durable trailed equipment to meet various farm needs.