AgroCentre presents novelty from Celestial Empire

On 24-27 May, Ust-Labinsk, a town in Krasnodar area, hosted one of the largest agricultural events in the Southern Russia – Zolotaya Niva 2022 trade show. Hundreds of dealerships presented their exhibits packed with technical novelties and time-proven bestsellers. AgroCentre demonstrated a novelty on the Russian market – an AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2004 tractor manufactured by a Chinese company.

AGROAPOLLO tractors belong to the rapidly growing category of multi-purpose machines with a capacity of 90-200 hp. They are a perfect choice for all sorts of field works and farming tasks along with transport operations in various edaphoclimatic parameters.

The AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2004 is fitted with a 6-cylinder Yuchai stage III engine able to deliver 200 hp. BOSCH Common Rail fuel injection system ensures high torque backup up to 30%, thus enabling the tractor to work in different conditions with heavy-duty implements. A wide variety of gears provides an opportunity to find an optimal matching speed.

Simplicity of design, versatility, reliability, excellent ergonomics, low maintenance costs, reasonable price and enhanced comfortability do not even make an exhaustive list of all its distinctive features.

A comfortable cab is attached to the frame with the help of silent blocks, which reduces the level of vibration. All controls are just within arm’s reach. The climate control unit includes filters in the cab, heating and air conditioning. The machine is also equipped with four cameras which give the operator a 360° view on the display.

‘AGROAPPOLO is the largest manufacturer of farm equipment in China’, says Nikolay Kunitsyn, Sales Director in AgroCentreLiski. ‘Their line-up comprises over 200 units of all kinds ranging from gardening machinery to combine harvesters. Around a month ago, we signed a partnership agreement with the Chinese brand. As per today, we have sold 10 tractors which will be delivered to our customers in a short time. This year, we are planning to supply about 60 units of AGROAPPOLO. Chinese producers are taking the lead in the world, so the new tractors will be a good substitute for their Western counterparts.’

AgroCentre also demonstrated trailed implements to Kuban farmers, particularly its flagship brand Horsch of German origin. They displayed Horsch Leeb 4AX, Horsch Joker 8RT, Horsch Tiger 4MT trailed sprayers and a Horsch Maestro 8DV seed drill.

‘Horsch did not cease supplying machinery to Russia’, notes Nikolay Kunitsyn. ‘All models and spare parts are delivered in time, just as before. There are a few issues with logistics, but we’re successfully solving them.’

Besides, the guests were introduced to sunflower and corn headers made by an Italian brand Zaffrani and to an Einboeck tined weeder.

During the 4-day trade show, thousands of guests visited AgroCentreLiski’s exposition and had a chance to marvel at the cutting-edge agricultural machinery while the company’s employees provided consultations and all the necessary information about the machines, equipment, their usage and maintenance.