AgroCentre, one of the largest suppliers of foreign machinery in Russia, keeps expanding its brand portfolio. The dealership has signed a partnership agreement for the supply of AGROAPOLLO tractors with a leading Chinese manufacturer JiangsuChangfaAgricultural Equipment Company.

The new machines represent the rapidly growing segment of multipurpose tractors with a capacity of 90-220 hp. They are ideal for all types of field works and farm tasks, including hauling in various soil and climate conditions.

AGROAPOLLO is distinguished by high efficiency and competitive operational performance edging out its European and North American counterparts. The key advantages of the brand are simple design, versatility, reliability, excellent ergonomics, low running costs, reasonable prices and added comfort.

The self-propelled vehicles are fitted with powerful four- and six-cylinder Yuchai engines having an electronic control system. It means that they can be loaded optimally depending on the tasks performed, while saving fuel. The BOSCH Common Rail fuel system provides a high torque backup of up to 30%, which enables the tractors to operate in diverse conditions and with heavy implements.

The wide gear selection makes it possible to adjust the travel speed in the best way, and the reduction gear comes as standard. The full speed of 38 km/h is perfect for hauling, and the minimal speed of 0.26 km/h is suitable for handling special equipment such as mulchers and cutters. The main gears have synchronisers for comfortable switching, and the reverse gear quickly changes the driving direction.

AGROAPOLLO tractor cabins are fixed to the frame via silent blocks, thus significantly reducing vibration and enhancing the acoustic comfort. The Chinese brand is on a par with the global leaders in terms of soundproofing – the modern ergonomic interior has a noise level of 86 dB. Besides, the controls are within convenient reach of the operator, the climate control system is equipped with cabin filters, a heater and an air conditioner, and the air deflectors are placed around the perimeter of the cabin.

AGROAPOLLO tractors allow farmers to tackle any task with maximum efficiency, minimum expenses and unparalleled operator comfort.