A new format of integration

We live in times when the national farming industry realised the need for change and most farmers started to modernise their production technologies.

Technical overhaul alone is not enough. The company needs “a brain” that can control the operation of the entire enterprise. Many domestic farms are introducing 1S: the Agricultural Enterprise Management (AEM) system, developed in addition to the well-known 1S, Production Enterprise Management. By using AEM, a company head can efficiently control the various analytical and accounting aspects of his enterprise (enterprise, subdivision, crops, field, types of work, machine operator, unit of equipment and farm). In addition, the improved analytical capability of this system estimates more precisely the cost of agricultural production.

However, the chief problem is how to input all the production-related data directly into the 1S. Most of the systems currently available on the market, though highly instrumental as an engineering tool, are intended only for monitoring the agricultural equipment and its condition. Therefore, the issue of automatic conversion of all technological parameters to a format suitable for a financial and economic processing by an agricultural enterprise remains unresolved.

Unlike its counterparts, the NivaControl precision farming system automatically loads all the parameters into the 1S. This system also integrates with the 1S: AEM. The NivaControl system not only simplifies the job but also cuts the labour input. For example, the accounting and recording personnel employed to fill in “the tractor driver's work record” become redundant. Inaccuracies and faults due to possible human error are also minimised.  

AgroCentre has been introducing the NivaControl system in Russian farming enterprises for over four years. Since 2012, all the tractors are supplied with a free basic component package, Niva-onLine (a device for real time monitoring). The complete NivaControl package includes the following modules: Niva-Cartogram (GIS software for using maps and precision farming technology) and Niva-Documentation (supporting documentation and software for drawing statements plus a unified database of the entire farming enterprise and its integration with the 1S and 1S: AEM).