Here's the loader, sir!

The Russian farmers had a stroll around Buckingham Palace, watched Big Ben and visited the largest JCB loaders’ manufacturing plant. This opportunity was provided to them by AgroCentre Company, organisers of the trip to England. 

The English colleagues warmly welcomed their guests from Russia. The excursion to the production facility was very informative. Specialists spoke about the company history and showed off a museum of their own. JCB has progressed from an obscure manufacturer of mounted tippers to a global giant producing modern loaders. Today the company has 22 manufacturing facilities on four continents.

The farmers were introduced to practically the entire product range of loaders, from telescopic and frontal loaders to mini-types. The participants of the trip were surprised by the scope and high technology of the manufacturing process. The plant uses up-to-date equipment for laser cutting of metal, robotised machines and automatic assembly lines. Each day, around 50 loaders roll off the conveyer. The pledge of quality is a two-hour test drive of each machine at maximum load.

The Russian farmers saw the assembly of the most efficient loader, JCB 550-80, which came onto the Russian market two years ago.

“The boom reach is 8 metres at the maximum lifting capacity of 5.5 tonnes,” says Sergey Dorofeyev, sales manager of the Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski. “In Russia, this giant is popular among large farming enterprises.”

The JCB specialists spoke about their development prospects. In the near future, the company plans to expand production in Roster, to build an extra facility with a floor area of 12,000 sq m for increasing the output of hydraulic cylinders, and to establish a new training centre.