In contact

AGCO opens a new customer support facility in Russia, the Fuse Contact Centre.

The Fuse Contact Centre offers technological solutions for precision agriculture which make it possible to integrate and optimise agricultural enterprises. The Fuse Technologies concept includes hardware for navigation and self-sustained system operation, as well as productivity measuring sensors, and servicing and diagnostics tools. The Fuse strategy employs AGCO products, offering relevant solutions in navigation (Auto-Guide 3000), telemetry (Agcommand) and harvesting (Fieldstar II). The main mission of the Contact Centre is assistance to customers with installation, adjustment and operation of precise agriculture machinery and AGCO equipment control systems.

“The Fuse technologies are based on the latest achievements in precision agriculture and a global strategy of development and employment of AGCO communication systems,” says Rob Lindgren, the department head of Global ATS Service and Training. “The Fuse Contact Centre will supplement servicing tools currently at the disposal of AFCO dealers. If necessary, the Centre will additionally support use of Fuse technologies and assist customers in maintaining their effective and trouble-free operation.”