Real capacity

Two big GSI 5000G tower grain dryers are being assembled by AgroCentre-Zernovye Tekhnologii at two farms of the APK Orlovskaya Niva CJSC. This year’s crop will be entrusted to these powerful works of the engineering art known for their unprecedented capacity.

“These grain dryers feature a unique design providing high capacity, ranging from 30 to 330 t/h. Our clients checked many times and found that actual capacity meets the data indicated in the specifications!” says Sergey Sobolev, head of the sales department at AgroCentre-Zernovye Tekhnologii.

Compared to the dryers from other manufacturers, the whole heating chamber of a GSI tower is surrounded by the grain column. Hot air passes through the grain column without wasting heat.

Invertors installed inside the GSI tower move dried grains from inside out, so that wet grains supplied from the external portion of the column take their place. Dried grains are processed by captured heat which other dryers just radiate out. Such mixing helps to maintain optimal grain temperature and reduces fuel consumption.

Mikhail Zhirnyakov, Deputy Director of the APK Yunost CJSC (APK Orlovskaya Niva CSJC) offered the following comments:

“Our agricultural holding has large production volumes. We produce grains for sale and for mixed feed preparation. So we need powerful dryers. We purchased GSI grain dryers of the tower type with a capacity of 135 t/h (wheat) and 90 t/h (maize) for installation at two of our elevators. We selected the dryers based on our own experience in drying equipment operation and also on the experience of other agriculture enterprises already using similar dryers. We received good feedback. They told us that the real capacity exactly matched the specifications. One more advantage was the compact dimensions of the tower: height about 31 m with a diameter of 7.5 m. Equipment servicing was considered to be one of the major factors, and AgroCentre stood tall in this regard. We also liked the basic configuration of the dryers. A variety of sensors, valves, systems for drying process control and monitoring are included in the standard delivery set. Other manufacturers offer such features as options for extra money. The towers are quite easy to install. Now we have reached the last stage of assembly and installation.”