Harvest with excellent marks

Since last year, AgroCentre has been supplying Massey Ferguson combine harvesters manufactured in Italy. This article is about how those Italians are doing in Russia.

The MF Activa combine harvester is a practical and efficient machine featuring high quality cleaning and low waste. This model is equipped with a high inertia cylinder and multipurpose concave. It can handle a wide range of crops, from small grains to sunflower and maize. Last season the MF Activa 7347 brought in 25,000 tonnes of grain in Rassvet LLC (Gorshechensky district, Kursk oblast).

“I have given ‘excellent’ marks to this combine harvester. It harvests neatly! Grain can be sent on for storage immediately, without processing. Different spaces between the wires provide a large separating area of the concave and high threshing quality. Long strew walkers easily separate grain from chaff. Due to high-capacity cleaning sieves, the grain and chaff mass effectively passes through the sieve pan, providing clean and quality grain output,” says Sergey Samoilov, Chief Engineer of Rassvet LLC.

The MF Activa combine harvester is equipped with a Schumacher drive, which ensures good cutting even at high speeds, up to 1,200 strokes per minute. The threshing drum with eight rasp bars and additional loads provides excellent threshing quality.

MF Activa machines are welcome at AGSEN LLC (Penza oblast) as well. Here, five harvesters of this type are currently being operated. This year they plan to purchase three Massey Ferguson combine harvesters (Beta models) from AgroCentre.

Compared to the competition, MF Beta harvesters have more features to facilitate the operator’s work, including electric control of the sieves from the cab, a weigh cell for additional threshing, and the Auto-Guide automated steering system. An Agcommand telemetry system is included in the basic configuration as well. This system allows for on-line monitoring of machine operations. The grain tank of Beta harvesters with a capacity of 9,000 litres has one of the highest unloading speeds, 105 l/s. Beta combines are equipped with a Skyline cab, one of the most ‘silent cabs’ in the market. The large glazed area and comfortable steering and controls of the machine using a joystick facilitate the operator’s work.