More than fifty representatives of dealer companies met in Nizhny Novgorod at the JCB practical training session, where a real contest of loaders took place.

Various JCB loaders from the smallest skid steer ones to giant front-end machines confronted each other at the “field ring” in a competition against the clock in loading/unloading.

“The JCB loaders have knocked the competitors out,” sales manager of the Kurgan branch of AgroCentreZakharovo Dmitry Silantyev tells us. “They were the best in all parameters: performance, manoeuvrability, economy and quality. You can make the comparison for yourself. When compacting the silage, a loader of other brand consumes 23 l/h, while the JCB loader takes only 10 l/h.

According to the training participants, the front-end loader JCB 426 with new bucket featuring a special tilting design loads 300 tonnes per hour. Moreover, it loads trucks with high sides of up to 4.5 m. No competitors can even dream of loading at such a height.

The compact JCB 155 skid steer loaders now come with new tubeless tyres which serve three times longer – 1,500 motor-hours instead of regular 500 hours. The JCB specialists explained that from now on new functions can be added to the LiveLink software. For example, it will notify about tyre wear or upcoming maintenance.