A symbol of success

This year the Fendt 933 Vario tractor (330 hp) broke all popularity records on various regional Field Days. The farmers consider this “iron horse” a symbol of success and advanced technologies.

A view from Voronezh

“We are betting on the most innovative Fendt 933 tractor (330 hp),” Sergey Lomantsov, Executive Director of AgroCentreLiski, says. “This machine incorporates most recent achievements in tractor construction, from electronic components to hydraulics and fuel system. Such a combination gives astonishing results!”

And the figures prove it: if compared to tractors of the same horsepower the tractive capacity of the Fendt 933 is 10-15% more, while fuel consumption is 15% less. This gives an aggregate economy of about 30%. In addition, the machine has excellent ergonomics and comfort comparable to the S class cars.

It’s worth mentioning that the interest of the visitors to the Voronezh oblast Field Day was so great that many people stood in line to get in the tractor cab and explore all the features personally.

This wasn’t idle curiosity. Only in the last year AgroCentreLiski sold around 20 tractors both to large agriholdings and small farms. It is the farmers who value the comfort most of all because they operate the tractors themselves.

Greetings from Tambov

Guests of the Tambov Field Day hosted by Agrofirma Zhupikov couldn’t pass by the AgroCentreLiski exhibition site, where the Fendt 933 tractor was showed off.

“A year ago we bought two Fendts from AgroCentreLiski,” founder of Agrofirma Zhupikov LLC Aleksandr Zhupikov tells us. “These tractors are unique – they are powerful but consume little fuel. We thought before that it’s impossible! The tractors work with medium-cut implements. I guess they can manage the wide-cut ones as well, but we don’t have them yet. But the most important is to “link” the tractor with an operator’s soul. To be honest, our tractor drivers almost cry when the working shift is over.”

The six-cylinder 7.8 l engine has more tractive power. The fuel injection occurs under high pressure (2,000 bars), ensuring high quality spraying and intensive combustion inside. Double supercharge gives excellent movement and thus lowers fuel consumption.

The VarioGrip system adjusts air pressure in the tyres really fast, even on the move, making it possible to have different pressure during the field operation and while driving idle.

Another feature of the Fendt tractors is the unified Vario terminal installed in the cab. It helps with adjusting the machine parameters and working equipment. No additional monitors are needed.

Approved by Tyumen

While visiting the AgroCentreZakharovo exhibition in a Field Day, assured themselves that the Fendt tractor combines two almost impossible things – second to none tractive characteristics and economy.

“The secret is in the unique, infinitely variable transmission, which turns more engine power into tractive force,” Aleksandr Yermakov, sales manager of Tyumen branch of AgroCentreZakharovo, says. “The Fendt’s transmission includes only four pairs of gears. It expands the infinitely variable speed range up to 60 km/h. And it also ensures high efficiency for field and transportation applications.

One more advantage of these machines is the unprecedented operator comfort. The spacious cab with excellent visibility, LED headlights with light beam adjustment, climate control, enhanced comfort seat equipped with pneumatic suspension, waist support and dynamic shock absorber, as well as an ergonomic control panel on right armrest – this list of Fendt’s operator-friendly features is far from complete!